Refactored Push Notifications

In my last post, I described how we set up a local React Native Push Notification to run at a scheduled time. The push notification was configured on the App State Change — background to active and vice versa. By sending an id (on Android) the notification was configured once and sent at the correct time, but only if the user had changed the state of the App. In iOS, there is no ID parameter (as such — I will get to that later), so if a user changed the state (opened the app, put the app in the background) multiple times, the push notification would fire multiple times.

I got to thinking about it and decided on a better way to configure the notification. I was hung up on the idea of an event listener. In React, you really have to either have an event listener or a lifecycle event to change/ update/ set the state. I was pretty sure we did not want to configure the notifications with a button push. Except, we actually did.

The push notifications are for events that are favorited by the users. So, I did a Homer forehead slap (“doh”) and realized we could just configure the notifications on the button push to add the event to the favorites array. And, even better, I realized if someone unfavorited the event, we could now remove that notification.

Cray then figured out that for iOS, we can send in a userInfo object and send an id in as a property on that object; that way there is an id to add and remove on iOS for the push notification. And, we can still use the id string property for Android.

Now the push controller looks like this:

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import PushNotification from 'react-native-push-notification';

export default class PushController extends Component {
    ComponentDidMount() {
      onNotification: function(notification) {
         console.log('NOTIFICATION:', notification);
         console.log('User Info:', userInfo);

    render() {
      return null;

In a separate file, we have this function call:


    if (item.isFavorite){

          //  Alert.alert('Item has been removed from your schedule');
          let id = (;
            id: id, //removes local notification when item has been unfavorited
          else {
            if(this.props.favorites.length =10 ? "-"+(favoriteDate.getMonth()+1) : "-0"+(favoriteDate.getMonth()+1);
            let favoriteDay  = (favoriteDate.getDate()+1) >=10 ? "-"+(favoriteDate.getDate()+1) : "-0"+(favoriteDate.getDate()+1);
            let fifteenMinutesUntil = new Date ( favoriteDate.getFullYear()+favoriteMonth+favoriteDay+"T"+item.startTime+ "-"+"03:45");
            let id = (; 
            if( fifteenMinutesUntil >={
              id: id, //for Android
              userInfo: {id: id}, //for iOS
              message: item.title + ' will begin in 15 minutes',
              date: new Date(fifteenMinutesUntil),

One thing you should know is that even to send local push notifications, you will need to get the permission from Apple to do so.

As quoted from their docs

For a provider to communicate with APNs, it must employ a valid authentication key certificate (for token-based connection trust) or SSL certificate (for certificate-based connection trust). You obtain either of these certificates from your online developer account, as explained in “Configure push notifications” in Xcode Help. To choose between the two certificate types, read Provider-to-APNs Connection Trust. Whichever certificate type you choose, provider connection trust is prerequisite to a provider sending push notification requests to APNs.

Hope this was helpful.


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