React Native EMFILE Error

So yesterday I was preparing to add a feature to the mobile app we created for the Replay FX convention. We need to add local push notifications. There have been two of us working on this app since our Academy PGH bootcamp ended back in December. To make things simple, my coworker, Cray, has been developing and testing using an iPhone simulator and XCode and I have been using an Android simulator and Android Studio, even though we both have Macs and iPhones.

He had a chance to get back to coding for the first time after his first child was born two weeks ago and got a basic version up and running on his ios simulator. Using git I merged his code into mine and then did a “yarn install” to get the package we are using — “react-native-push-notifications.” I am giving you all of this background because I am still not sure what caused the problem I ended up having, so I am hoping this exposition might solve the mystery later, although it could be a red herring. At that point, a message in my terminal indicated that I should update my version of Yarn using the command they gave, which I did. Perhaps because I installed a new Yarn version I caused some change in one of my dependencies which caused things to break later? I don’t know. . .

At first, the app crashed because my coworker had added new Android “drawables” for our splash screen into a file (called “ApeGeneratedAssets”) outside of the android file. It was so great that he created that splash screen and added those android versions, but they were in the wrong place as far as I could tell. I had not set the layout file to read from there (plus the file names were all a bit wacky). He used Ape Tools to generate the different versions of the image, which seems like a handy method. So I moved those over into the “res” file and renamed them. I’m not sure if this will come back to haunt me later.

Anyway. . . the message which appeared all in glorious red on the emulator was “Could not get BatchedBridge, make sure your bundle is packaged correctly.” In my terminal, the message was “Error watching file for changes: EMFILE {“code”:”EMFILE”,”errno”:”EMFILE”,”syscall”:”Error watching file for changes:”,”filename”:null}”. In Android Studio, the only thing I could find in debugging the project was a seemingly random message from the android/app/build.gradle related to this line right at the top: “import” saying “cannot resolve symbol build.”

Googling that message lead me here. So, first, I tried to clear the cache in Android Studio by going to File > Invalidate Caches / Restart as explained in the Stack Overflow post. That did not change a thing.

So, next, after Googling about the BatchedBridge and finding many answers to run “react-native start” (in the terminal) instead of my usual “react-native run-android” I did that, and it changed absolutely nothing. I next Googled about the EMFILE and got this explanation from the React Native GitHub “issues” page. It is explained that the build fails because there is a limit (in the new OS version of Sierra) in the number of files that can be opened. This made sense as a cause of the problem to me as I had added an additional Node module plus all of the big image files. So, I ran “launchctl limit maxfile” and sure enough I found my limit was 256. I ran “sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 2048 unlimited” to change that file limit. I followed the next commands to uninstall the react-native cli and reinstall it and then to update brew and install watchman. And then, tada! It worked. Only 2 hours and 15 minutes later. Now I just have to write the code to make the Push Notifications do what they are supposed to.


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